Soundology™ 90-Day Transformation

Soundology™ 90-Day Transformation


Work with Lauren one-on-one over 90 days to go deep and manifest remarkable growth and change in one specific area of life.   Lauren is a certified Sound and Music Practitioner, Sound Healing Educator, Sat Nam Rasayan Student Teacher, and Reiki Level 2 Healer.  Using a synergistic blend of these modalities, she will customize a daily program for you, alchemizing sound healing, kundalini yoga, meditation, reiki, breathwork, and more. 

Choose your focus in one of six areas—

  1. Improved sleep quality

  2. Stress and anxiety relief

  3. Increasing creative flow

  4. Healing grief / heartbreak recovery

  5. Goal setting / intention setting

  6. Embodied intuition

Program includes—

  • 6x in-person healings

  • customized daily practice video created only for you

  • extras

  • mantras

  • recommendations

  • nutritional recommendations

  • weekly check-ins

  • and more…

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