100-Hour Certification Program
Los Angeles, CA


Beyond the sound bath

There is so much more to playing the gong or composing an effective sound bath than simply knowing how to play an instrument.

Yes, technique is incredibly important (and we’ve got you covered with wonderfully fun and effective technique training!).  But to play an instrument for the purpose of others’ alignment, relaxation, and healing, a player must also understand how to quiet their own mind, read the room, and allow the instrument’s vibrations to shape the session

Soundologist Training WILL FOCUS on these 4 important categories

1.    Instrumentation: Technique, Knowledge, Care, & Musicality

2.    Science & Theory: How and Why does this all work?

3.    Yogic Philosophy, Tradition, & Personal Practice:
Before you can lead students and clients on a journey, you must learn about and embark on the journey yourself

4.    Deep Listening: The key to it all, in a sound bath and in life



you'll learn to:

  • Confidently design & lead a gong-based sound bath
  • Design & give a custom private sound session
  • Knowledgeably use a variety of healing sound instruments, including gong, tuning forks, crystal bowls, & voice
  • Play together with other Soundologists in a group
  • Speak with ease about how & why sound affects the body, mind, & spirit
  • Enjoy the incorporation of sound into your daily life for deeper peace, joy, & healing
  • Carry a virtual toolkit (for yourself and others) of sound-based tips and tricks to combat stress, anxiety, and various emotions

registration NOW open for these dates:

Spring 2018

June 9 & 10 //  July 14 & 15 // 
 July 28 & 29, 2018

Summer 2018

Monday July 2 -
Saturday July 7, 2018